Noir Paintings: Stick ’em Up … on Your Wall

If you're a fan of  '40s and '50s noir movies and their femmes fatales, check out the paintings of Jane Ianniello, whose NoirscapesArt is represented by a store on Etsy.

Ianniello, based in Brisbane, Australia, uses the likenesses of the likes of Hedy Lamarr, Lana Turner and Lizabeth Scott in fantastic settings to give her work that familiarity that will put your lips together and blow you away.

Lana Turner (Image by Jane Ianniello)

Some of them sell for north of $500, but they would look great in any classic movie-lover's home.

Audrey Totter (Image by Jane Ianniello)

Where else are you gonna get a painting of Audrey Totter, bub?

Hedy Lamarr (Image by Jane Ianniello)

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