Wedding Well-Wishes from Old Hollywood

On September 2, 2005, writer and Old Hollywood fan extraordinaire Austin Mutti-Mewse and his love Joanna exchanged vows.

A dozen years later, Mutti-Mewse commemorated their anniversary by sharing on Facebook some of the well-wishes they received from stars of yesteryear.

He wrote:

12 years ago today Joanna and I said "We do". Old Hollywood ( Kirk Douglas, Joan Fontaine, Tab Hunter, Luise Rainer, Anita Page....) sent their congrats too as did Stephen Fry! #iusedtobeinpictures

Among the collection of cards, Tab Hunter wrote simply:

... and they lived happily ever after.

Twenties siren Anita Page wrote:

On this most special of days, it is my wish for you that all of lifes joys and happiness be yours now and always. Much love and many blessings, your friend.

Oscar winner Luise Rainer quoted her most famous film:

It is wonderful to be married, to be be be be be be be be be be married" (from "The Great Ziegfeld"). And so for 47 years I thought so as well! and so I wish it for you from all my heart!

Check out notes from Kirk Douglas and Joan Fontaine, too:

When the wedding cards are gifts in and of themselves! (Image via Austin Mutti-Mewse)

Mutti-Mewse, along with his brother Howard Mutti-Mewse, is the author of the indispensable book I Used to Be in Pictures, a beautifully illustrated book about the brothers' unique correspondence with almost every movie star of the past you can imagine, especially many stars of the silent screen.

The book is $32.50 on Amazon. (Image via Amazon)

Check it out — you'll love it so much you'll want to marry it.


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