Hart Bochner Turns 61: An Appreciation

Today is hunky Hart Bochner's 61st birthday.

I've been a fan of this strapping Canadian since seeing his turn as a sociopathic, sexually fluid monster opposite Colin Firth in Apartment Zero (1988). It's a genuinely suspenseful and erotically twisted film, and his James Dean bad guy is the worst ... and the best.


The son of talented actor Lloyd Bochner (1924-2005), Bochner was an in-demand model who even appeared on the cover of GQ in February of 1980.

Lloyd Bochner (Image via ABC)

He made his acting debut in 1977's Islands in the Stream, making an impression in 1979's Breaking Away and on TV in the miniseries East of Eden (1981).

He became a horror-genre hottie in Terror Train (1980), appeared (as did all the hottest boys in Hollywood at the time!) in George Cukor's swan song Rich and Famous (1981) and popped up in several well-known '80s flicks — Supergirl (1984), The Wild Life (1984) and Making Mr. Right (1987) — before his meatier role in 1988's Die Hard.

Apartment Zero contains his most impressive lead performance, but he also had a featured role in the miniseries War and Remembrance (1988-1989).


He has made made appearance on TV and in films since the '90s, including in Mr. Destiny (1990), opposite Susan Sarandon in Anywhere but Here (1999) and a stint on The Starter Wife (2008), but has spent more time producing. He also directed the films The Buzz (1992), PCU (1994), High School High (1996) and Just Add Water (2008).

He is extremely active in the field of protecting the environment. Here he is, getting back to nature:

Hart bochner shirtless 3
Hart bochner shirtless 3
Below, a few more reasons why Hart Bochner deserves your attention:


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  1. I fell for him when he played the sexy frat boy in Breaking Away…agree, the sexiest movie star EVAH!!

  2. I loved him in the Bruce Willis big break Die Hard. Such a douchebag. He’s not naked enough. Ever.

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