Supporting Actress Smackdown: 1944 Edition!

In two weeks, your humble blogger will join Molly Pope, Farran Nehme, Loren King, Mark Harris and host Nathaniel R of The Film Experience for a podcast smackdown pitting the Best Supporting Actress nominees of 1944 against each other!

That was the year the great Ethel Barrymore took home the prize — but this exercise ignores who won, offering the panel a chance to relitigate that award.

The women nominated that year were:

Ethel Barrymore, None but the Lonely Heart

Jennifer Jones, Since You Went Away

Angela Lansbury, Gaslight

Aline MacMahon, Dragon Seed

Agnes Moorehead, Mrs. Parkington

Check out the introductory post here, and feel free to vote on your own fave here.

I tracked down and watched all five films, so it is possible!

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