Maxwell Caulfield: Dozens of Times He Was Hot

Today, November 23, marks the 58th birthday of one of the most stunning men ever to grace the stage and screen, the talented Maxwell Caulfield.

Sigh. (All Grease 2 images via Paramount)

Born Maxwell Newby, the bodacious Brit was kicked out of his home at age 15 by his American (sorry, Maxwell!) stepdad, leading him to become a go-go boy at Windmill Theatre in the UK.

Changing his name to Caulfield (an ode to Holden from the 1951 novel The Catcher in the Rye), he made his debut on the stage in Class Enemy (1979), winning a Theatre World Award. In L.A., his first play was Hitting Town (1980).

While appearing in the 1980 stage version of The Elephant Man, he met Juliet Mills (b. 1941), whom he up and married. He had just turned 21, she was 39. They said it wouldn't last, but they're happily married to this day.

Caulfield's off-Broadway debut was in Entertaining Mr. Sloane (1981), which brought him more acclaim and attention as a serious actor — and as a show-stopping beauty who was also happy to strip naked onstage to hammer the point home, such as in Salonika (1985) with Elizabeth Wilson (1921-2015), David Straithairn (b. 1949) and Jessica Tandy (1909-1994). His Broadway debut was in An Inspector Calls (1993) opposite Siân Phillips (b. 1933).

Caulfield with the cast of Salonika (1985) in images by Martha Swope

But Caulfield is most remembered (so far) as the delectable Michael Carrington in Grease 2 (1982), the camp classic that bombed in the wake of the pop cultural phenomenon that was Grease (1978), but that nonetheless has its fiercely loyal followers.

The Grease 2 leads (Image via Paramount)

As Caulfield himself would later say, the turkey-hood of Grease 2 severely damaged his film career, but he did pop up in Electric Dreams (1984), as a diabolical teen in The Boys Next Door (1985), Empire Records (1995), The Real Blonde (1997) and a number of others.

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On TV, he was delish on Dynasty (1985-1986) and The Colbys (1985-1987), and memorable on Emmerdale (2009-2010) and in a guest spot on Modern Family (2013), among his many, many guest spots.

Always handsome!

Today, Maxwell is still happily married to Juliet Mills and works steadily. He's also still a handsome charmer. Happy birthday, Max!

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  1. Classic beauty. Lasts through old age. Like Robert Conrad, Gary Cooper, Paul Newman

  2. I never understood why Grease 2 torpedo’d his film career, but not Michelle Pfeiffer’s? Obviously, Hollywood didn’t hold that against her.

    • Matthew Rettenmund

      I think maybe she was already working on “Scarface” and that was, of course, a huge, transformative part for her when it came out 18 months later. Maxwell didn’t have anything similar in the works. Just a theory.

  3. Totally hot

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