New ‘One Day at a Time Cast’ Recreates Original Title Sequence!

The remake of One Day at a Time on Netflix just turned in a hilariously respectful remake of one of the original show's openings — complete with theme music.

It is in honor of the series' return for Season 2 starting January 26.

This is so, so fun, and I think Justina Machado (b. 1972) as Bonnie Franklin (1944-2013) and Todd Grinnell (b. 1976) as Pat Harrington Jr. (1929-2016) win the doppelganger award.

The reboot's cast (Image via Netflix)

Interesting to note that Franklin was just 31 when the opening credits shown below were used.

P.S. I forgot Mary Louise Wilson (b. 1931) was ever on this show back in the day!):

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