On Golden Years: Jane Fonda Is 80

Somehow, Jane Fonda is now three years older than her father Henry lived to be, and is five years older than he was when he starred in their film On Golden Pond (1981).

That's right, the legendary actress, workout guru and activist is 80 today.

Turning 80 is a whole different ballgame today, compared to decades past.

For example, check out this clipping from The Flint Journal I saved in 1985, detailing what Greta Garbo (1905-1990) was up to at 80:

No current picture, and the story of a recluse, reduced to B.S. comments about a 28-year-old man supposedly on her arm (she was a lesbian). The age 80 felt antique in 1985. Today, it feels like there is more life to live, and few actors in Hollywood are living it as well, as productively or as glamorously as Ms. Fonda.

Eighty images of Fonda in honor of her special day (counting the images at the top of this post):

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