Past & Curious: 10 Links

Ten links to help pass your weekend:

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POSEIDON'S UNDERWORLD: Check out zillions of photos of incredibly sexy George O'Brien (1899-1985).

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USA TODAY: Murphy Brown is being revived on CBS for a 13-episode run in 2018-2019.

YOUTUBE: Ever seen Private Eyes (1980)? Charming bumbling-detective movie with Don Knotts (1924-2006) and Tim Conway (b. 1933).

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HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Roots (1977) actress Olivia Cole has died.

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THE FILM EXPERIENCE: A fond look back at The Seduction of Joe Tynan (1979).

WORLD OF WONDER: Watching The Alienist? More info here on Paresis Hall, the gathering spot for NYC's "degenerates" at the turn of the last century.

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IMDb: Michelle Stacy (b. late 1960s) was a child actress of the '70s familiar to TV and movie fans for her charming appearances on major TV series, as the voice of Penny in The Rescuers (1977), as the shellshocked little girl in Day of the Animals (1977) and — most memorably — as the little girl who liked her coffee "black ... like my men" in Airplane! (1980). Did you konw Airplane! was her final role before abruptly retiring from acting?

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DLISTED: Steven Spielberg (b. 1946) will remake West Side Story (1961) from a spruced-up script by Tony Kushner (b. 1956).

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HOLLYWOOD SHOW: About 80 stars of the past are gathering in L.A. to sign autographs and pose for photos.

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PEREZ HILTON: Was The Wonder Years canceled over a sexual harassment lawsuit against ... Fred Savage (b. 1976)?

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