Past & Curious: ‘Tootsie’ Valentine, ‘Batman’ Remembered & More!

A list of posts that are all the not-so-latest news ...

RICK'S REAL/REEL LIFE: A loving look back at 1982's Tootsie.

TOWLEROAD: Broadway stars have remade "We Are the World" (1985). The new version is meant to be unifying in a divided world.

THR: Deanna Lund of Land of the Giants (1968-197o) has died at 81 of pancreatic cancer.

EW: Roseanne Barr (b. 1952) claims she asked for no money for The Conners, the upcoming spin-off created so as to disassociate the Roseanne franchise from its namesake.

THE FILM EXPERIENCE: Carmen Jones is playing Off-Broadway (once-in-a-lifetime experience), and it's getting raves.

June is LGBT Pride Month. Celebrating Gay Hollywood History. I'd like to share a personal story. On September 18,...

Posted by Michael Michaud on Saturday, June 30, 2018

BOY CULTURE: Remembering the gay-rights rally in 1977 that was hijacked by an erratic Richard Pryor (1940-2005) diatribe.

CLOSER: Neil Diamond (b. 1941) announced he was retiring from performing this past January, but it appears it isn't taking! He told Closer:

I think I want to go out and do some shows. I'm a bit bored.

Suffering from Parkinson's disease, Diamond says he is eating healthy and enduring acupuncture with the hope that he will be well enough to carry on.

DO YOU REMEMBER?: Fans of Batman (1966-1968) can ride the 'copter from the '60s series!

FIRST SHOWING: Trailer for the new 4K restoration of The Producers (1967), which arrives just as director Mel Brooks (b. 1926) turns 92!

Happy 92, Mel Brooks! #melbrooks #celebritybirthdays #gr8erdays

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PEOPLE: The most infamous love triangles in rock 'n' roll.

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