Past & Curious: Beefcake Memories, A+ Madonna, Twins Peek

Time to enter a time capsule and see what new old news is breaking ...

Strike a pose! (Image via The Bob Mizer Foundation)

YOUTUBE: There's a very naughty YouTube site filled with goodies from Athletic Model Guild's vaults, items from the days when a boy in a posing strap was all any closeted gay man needed to get through the day.

Tom's men (Image via Tom of Finland)

EBAY: Speaking of which, have your Kake and bid on it, too!

We can, we did, but we gotta do it again! (GIF via White House)

ESSENCE: A new poll shows most Americans think Barack Obama (b. 1961) was the best president of their lifetime, followed by Bill Clinton (b. 1946).

Dirty dudes done dirt cheap! (Image via video still)

ULTIMATE CLASSIC ROCK: Because yes, why shouldn't there be a gay AC/DC tribute band?

EXTRATV: The first wife of Frank Sinatra (1915-1998), Nancy Sinatra Sr., has died at age 101. Nancy was the mother of three children with Frank — Nancy Jr. (b. 1940), the late Frank Jr. (1944-2016), and Tina (b. 1948).

MJ Rodriguez (b. 1991), the star of Pose (Image via FX)

THR: Pose, the Ryan Murphy (b. 1965) series based on the LGBTQ ballroom scene of the 1980s, was just renewed for Season 2. Bow! The series addresses gay rights, transgender issues, and the AIDS epidemic, all while being awash in '70s and '80s grooves.

Persona best (GIF via AB Svensk Filmindustri)

THE FILM EXPERIENCE: Nathaniel Rogers's must-read site offers tributes in honor of filmmaker Ingemar Bergman's (1918-2007) centennial.

True or falsetto? (GIF via ABC)

EW.COM: Was Michael Jackson (1958-2009) really "chemically castrated" by his late father, Joe Jackson (1928-2018) in a bid to keep his voice high?!

I'll wear what she's wearing ... (Image via Twitter @krnjesse)

HUFF POST: Cutest granny twins ever.

True-blue fan (Image via Twitter @1980sDiaries)

TWITTER: A review of True Blue by Madonna from 1986 (hand-)written by a kid fan.

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