Past & Curious: Fonda’s Nips/Tucks, Prince Probe, ‘Designing’ Dish!

Links to the past with relevance today ...

Fonda talks to People TV (Image via video still)

PEOPLE: Jane Fonda, 80, talks about the new HBO doc about her life, Jane Fonda in Five Acts. She notes that she had no say in how the filmmaker structured the film, or in what made the final cut.

Speaking of cuts, she says of her (come on, amazing) plastic surgery:

I’m glad I look good for my age, but I’ve had plastic surgery. I’m not going to lie about that. I got tired of looking tired when I wasn’t. On one level, I hate the fact that I’ve had the need to alter myself physically to feel that I’m okay — I wish I wasn’t like that. I love older faces. I love lived-in faces. I loved Vanessa Redgrave’s face.

Your move, Vanessa!

Smart girls (Image via video still)

EW: Jean Smart, 67, goes Couch Surfing about her current and past roles, including chatting about her years on Designing Women (1986-1991). Of the coming reboot, she spills:

I think they're gonna try to do an actual, a, sequel, with, like, the next generation of our kids and stuff. So us girls might show up occasionally.

Can. Not. Wait.

DO YOU REMEMBER?: Kiss announces One Last KISS End of the Road World Tour — and they promise this is the last, last, last tour.

Chasing after work (GIF via GIPHY)

WAPO: Chevy Chase, 74, is now sober and eager to work — but his reputation precedes him. (I did catch him in a couple of short, improvised-feeling scenes with the late Burt Reynolds in 2016's The Last Movie Star.)

Yeah, no gayness to see here. (GIF via Sesame Street)

THE WRAP: Actor Michael Rapaport, 49, lost his mind over the news story that a Sesame Street writer asserted Bert & Ernie were gay, at least when he wrote for them. Why is it so hard to accept that some people would see a gay vibe in Bert & Ernie, and yet it's so easy to accept that Kermit & Miss Piggy are straight? Gonzo loved his (female) chickens an awful lot, too.

USA TODAY: Allman Brothers Band rocker Dickey Betts, 74, cracked his skull playing with his dog. He is in critical but stable condition, awaiting surgery.

Still hard to believe he's gone, no? (GIF via GIPHY)

CNN: Fans of the late, great Prince (1958-2016) want the U.S. attorney for the District of Minnesota to convene a grand jury to look into the icon's sudden death.

TMZ: Bill Cosby, 80, has lost a second child — daughter Ensa, 44, died from renal disease Friday in Massachusetts. She had supported her father as he was accused by over 50 women of sexual assault.

TV LINE: Jordan Peele has been revealed as the new host and narrator of a Twilight Zone revival at CBS All Access. The original series ran from 1959-1964, and it has been revived twice before. The new teaser:

HUFF POST: Famous pot buff Willie Nelson, 85, says he would light up with Donald Trump, 72, for a very specific reason.

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