Fake Jan Gets Real On TV Pay

Variety has published a list of TV stars' salaries, led by Oscar winner Javier Bardem receiving $1.2M for every episode of  an upcoming Amazon series about 16th-century explorer Cortés and such heavyweights as Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Norman Reedus all pocketing north of a million bucks-per-episode of their respective series as well.

Geri in her Brady heyday (Image via ABC)

The full piece is here.

For a little Gr8erDays-style contrast — and as a reminder that TV actors rarely received any residuals past the 10th run of series before 1973 — Geri Reischl, 59, known the world over as "Fake Jan" for stepping into those post-Brady projects that Eve Plumb, , refused to do, has posted some transparency-achieving information about her own income.

?SAG-AFTRA sent me a residual check?Wooooo!?LOL?The Brotherhood of Satan paid out $29.37?The smallest one is from The...

Posted by Geri Reischl on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The fun-loving Reischl — who has always goodnaturedly embraced the "Fake Jan" legacy and is a delight to hang out with —posted her recent residual checks from SAG-AFTRA, pointing out that she received $29.37 for the 1971 feature film The Brotherhood of Satan; $1.49 for the "The Glass Cage" episode of The Bold Ones: The New Doctors from 1971; and $34.18 for the 1973 feature film Tom Sawyer, for which she says she only did voice-over work (and which isn't even among her IMDb credits).

I don't even remember this movie, but the cast was amazing! (Image via UA)

Her grand total? A mere $65.04.

So the next time someone you recognize from TV or the movies crosses your path, don't assume they're rolling in dough from their acting work — especially if their work was in the '70s and earlier.

In the meantime, enjoy Reischl belting out "Your Song" on The Brady Bunch Variety Hour (1976), which is priceless:

From the same show, Geri seemed to be the talent in this threesome:

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