Past & Curious: ‘Virgin Tour’ Revisited, Wild West-ern, Vintage Christmas & More!

Links to the past with relevance today ...

Reliving the '80s (Image via

CBS8.COM: San Diego station unearths treasure trove of '80s concert clips, including priceless shots of Madonna (b. 1958) on her 1985 Virgin Tour. Love the brassy, cigarette-brandishing, 15-year-old Madonna wannabe:

BOY CULTURE: Yeah, National Enquirer and Us Weekly are staples of any pop culture-absorbed fanatic's media diet, but here's why you should never buy them again.

Victims of Jack the Roper (Image via video still)

POSEIDON'S UNDERWORLD: It's one of the weirdest and worst westerns ever made, but ... it has its good points.

He really went all out trying to prove it! (Image via NE)

PEOPLE: Spoiler alert, in case you're on their mailing list: Here's a first peek at the Christmas card from Prince Charles, 70, and Camilla, 71.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: These vintage Christmas ornaments are sooooo cute.

I don't think you're ready for this bowl full of jelly ... (Image via Tampa Bay Times)

NEW YORK TIMES: Church leaders are suing Princeton over illuminated texts they say were looted from a monastery 100 years ago, in spite of the provenance that shows they were purchased in good faith at an auction around the same time. Is there an expiration date on such things? Because I think half of Egypt resides in American and European institutions.

Some things are illuminated. (Image via Princeton)

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  1. Madonna and Prince were both the epitome’ of Artists who knew how to build a community – not just a fan base. Listening to her fans talk; “She knows how to make fashion out of thrift store items, and we all can relate to that”. And what’s the first line to Prince’s first smash hit? “I ain’t got no money.” They knew their fans would relate to them if they were honest, because we wanted artists that shared our same problems, we wanted to journey with them, and that we would be their community for life if we grew together. Today, the singers, rappers and assorted wannabes expect us to believe they’ve got bling bling and mansions before they’ve graduated high school. And they fade way before they even begin.

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