Jan-Michael Vincent at His Hottest

It would be hard to pick a time during his career when Jan-Michael Vincent, who died this month at 74, was at his physical peak — he was one of the cinema's and TV's greatest specimens.

His TV debut, on Dragnet 1967 (Image via NBC)
Such a young towhead! (Images via NBC)

Sadly, addiction and health issues left Vincent a shell of his former self at the end of his life.

On Dragnet 1967, Vincent played a jock attacked by a mentally disturbed student. (Image via NBC)

Here's to remembering the hunk — and underrated screen presence — when times were good, when he was giving off tough-guy vibes in a pretty-boy package ...

Always with that stare ... (Image via headshot)
No pictures, please! (Image via video still)
(Image via Warner Bros.)
(Image via Warner Bros.)
(Image via autographed head shot)
Did anyone ever look better shirtless? If so ... who? (Image via pinup)
Early teen-mag pic (Image via pinup)
Cover boy (Images via Bravo)
His performance in Tribes (1970) as a hippie-turned draftee was pretty amazing. (Image via ABC)
Looked good cleancut or shaggy (Image via movie still)
The ultimate jeans pic (Image via Bravo)
Ah, the '70s ... (Image via Bravo)
In The World's Greatest Athlete (Image via Disney)
He could rock long hair and still come off as a bad boy. (Image via head shot)
One of his best looks (Image via pinup)
Scorching-hot in Buster and Billie and White Line Fever (Images via Columbia)
Hot in Hooper (Image via Warner Bros.)
He could even make a Hawaiian shirt hot. (Image via head shot)
His military roles were stand-outs. (Image via Warner Bros.)
Impish (Image via movie still)
More mature in The Winds of War (Images via ABC)
No shirt? No problem. (Image via movie still)
All above from the Airwolf years (Images via ABC)
The end. (Image via Warner Bros.)

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