Past & Curious: ‘Paper’ Poses, ‘When Harry Met Sally’ Turns 30 & More!

Links to the past with relevance today:

Navigating Waters (Image via Paper)

EBAY: Flashing back to a period when NYC's downtown scene was thriving.

The film's climax (Image via MGM)

THR: Billy Crystal, 71, on the making of When Harry Met Sally (1989), which turns 30 this year.

A soaring success (Image via WEA)

DO YOU REMEMBER?: The Eagles will perform their entire Hotel California album live for the first time ever.

Dead ... but not buried! (Image via

EW: Why Master of Horror Stephen King, 71, decided to publish Pet Sematary in 1983 years after deciding it was too disturbing for print.

Like, a sweatshirt (Image via

MADONNA.COM: As Madonna, 60, prepares to unleash her 14th album. she's still celebrating the 30th anniversary of her fourth.

Pure gold (GIF via GIPHY)

THR: Goldfinger (1964) Bond girl dies at 77.

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