Past & Curious: Body of Missing Mouseketeer Found?

Links to the past with relevance today ...

Day's car was found in the possession of two strangers last year. (Image via Disney)

VARIETY: Dennis Day (b. 1942), an original Mouseketeer, had been reported missing by his husband a year ago. Now, authorities have found human remains on his property — and it appears they are Day's, though no official confirmation has occurred.

There IS no other bungalow. (Actually, there are many.) (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

DO YOU REMEMBER?: Marilyn Monroe's (1926-1962) favorite bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel is fun to tour — but don't give them your money until the Sultan of Brunei no longer owns the place.

EV GRIEVE: The last of the Hell's Angels have vacated their longtime East Village, NYC, clubhouse. Forever.

Prince Charmingly Undressed (Image via video still)

BOY CULTURE: If you like Disney classics and you like cute guys, you will love the Little Mermen.

EXTRATV: Whoopi Goldberg, 63, truly almost died earlier this year. Worth noting: Geraldine Page, the esteemed actress who beat Goldberg out for the Oscar in 1985, died at 62 in 1987. Isn't it amazing to consider that Whoopi is now older than Geraldine Page lived to be?!

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