Sigourney Weaver Meets ‘Alien’ Play Kids

The bitch is back, but never fear — so is Ripley.

Signourney Weaver, 69, made a surprise drop-in on the stars of North Bergen High School's viral Alien: The Play, encouraging them to keep doing what they're doing.

Last month, the kids staged a remarkably professional take on the iconic sci-fi film Alien — which is 40 years old this year — and found videos of their handiwork all over the Internet as fans marveled at their ingenuity.

The evening of an encore performance brought out Weaver, who told them, "I am so excited to be here!" and said she was representing all the people involved with the original film.

The play was to help fund the school's drama department, and with Weaver and the film's director, Ridley Scott, 81, ponied up $5,000 so they could continue to put on their play and raise more funds.

The lead of the play, Gabriella Delacruz, called Weaver's visit "unreal," praising her for helping to push women in film forward with her strong performance.

Considering how resourceful the students were in crafting the show, how can any high school lazily put on Oklahoma! again?

h/t ABC News

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