Tom Holland to Play Fred Astaire, Alan Alda on Being ‘Lithe,’ Bob Dole Dies & More

Links to the past, with relevance today:

I can see it! (Images via IG & movie still)

AP ENTERTAINMENT: Tom Holland confirms he will play Fred Astaire in a new film:

EW: Ridley Scott, the legendary director who just turned 84, went ballistic on a journalist who seemingly accidentally insulted him about his films.

Oh, baby! (Image via record sleeve)

INSTAGRAM: Regina (Richards), known for her 1986 "Baby Love," talks about meeting and working with Madonna — her sound-alike — prior to that experience. Fascinating for '80s kids.

THR: Patti LuPone, 72, is returning to Company previews on Broadway after a brief, illness-related absence. Not COVID-19.

TALKIN' BROADWAY: Wayman Wong remembers Stephen Sondheim, who died recently:

"But in 1992, Steve really surprised me. My good friend Tom Andersen was making his prestigious New York debut at Carnegie's Weill Recital Hall. I wrote to Steve about how Tom adored singing Sondheim and good-naturedly asked if he'd like to come to my friend's concert. Much to my amazement, Steve replied: 'I accept your invitation. Just call me next week and tell me what to do.' So he came. And as Tom recalls: 'It was thrilling and scary. I love [Sondheim's] work, and here I was singing "Anyone Can Whistle," "No One Is Alone" and "Our Time" as he sat in the audience.' Afterward, Steve went backstage to congratulate Tom and raved: 'You were terrific and you made me cry!' Steve posed for photos, and Tom says, 'He was wonderful and couldn't have been nicer!'"

The book came out in 1983. (Image via Unicorn)

METV: Alan Alda, 85, once published a M*A*S*H scrapbook that revealed:

"Even when lithe and beautiful, I was a little embarrassed by shower scenes. We were naked except for little flesh-colored bikinis and from the side of the set, you could see all our loveliness."

EXTRATV: Bob Dole dies at 98.

President Biden remembers Dole warmly. (Image via CBS News/Twitter)

NYT: Japanese animation legend Hayao Miyazaki on why he's coming out of retirement at 80.

Vintage poster from Laputa: Castle in the Sky (Image via Studio Ghibli)

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