Past & Curious: Day’s Grandson Barred from Seeing Her? + More

Links to the past with relevance today:

Melcher hadn't seen his grandma in over a decade (Image via headshot)

FACEBOOK: Doris Day's (1922-2019) only grandchild, Ryan Melcher, has unloaded on Facebook, claiming he was kept from her by "a former fan turned manager" who wanted to know why he would even want to see her, then said, "I'm afraid you aren't going to be able to see your grandmother."

The book is a collection of West's TV & radio gigs. (Image via TV Forecast)

BOY CULTURE: A new Mae West (1893-1980) book is "coming" your way. Oh.

Taking a dip (Image via ABC)

EW: Rita Moreno, 87, is appearing on the season finale of the series Bless This Mess.

BACK2STONEWALL: Remembering Julian Eltinge (1881-1941), considered one of the greatest female impersonators of all time, a man who was at one point a bigger box-office draw than Chaplin!

DO YOU REMEMBER?: Bob Barker, 95, is finally back home — four months after a terrible fall.

PEOPLE: Ronnie Spector, 75, was treated to a surprise onstage reunion with another former Ronette.

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