Past & Curious: Your ‘Rhoda’ Needs You + More!

Links to the past with relevance today:

Harper in 2017 with Ed Asner, then 86 (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

EXTRATV: Valerie Harper, 79, is badly in need of money to pay for her ongoing cancer treatment. She's managed to hold on for 10 years since first being diagnosed with lung cancer, and six years after being told that death was imminent.

We got the feet! (Image via Danceteria)

ELECTRONIC BEATS: A loving look back at Danceteria, the '80s place to be!

Al Parker, Mr. #1 (Image via video slide)

BOY CULTURE: A look back at the 250 greatest gay "adult" stars of all time, and the list is top-heavy with '70s and '80s performers. (No nudity!)

She was so good, so good, so good ... (GIF via GIPHY)

WSJ: Linda Ronstadt, 73, is retired now, unable to sing. Here, she flashes back to her childhood, recalling her mom's pain and her dad's evening song.

Mother Superior (Image via Joe Steele)

PEOPLE: A black priest and a white nun fell in love in the '50s and had a baby ... and nobody knew until now. Fascinating story.

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