Inside Gloria Swanson’s Mansion!

Gloria Crest, a massive dwelling located 10 miles out of Manhattan in Englewood, New Jersey, was once home to movie star Gloria Swanson (1899-1983) — and now, it could be yours.

For just $9.9 million!

It gives good facade! (All images via video still)

Believe it or not, the new price is a steal, considering it was once up for grabs at more than $40 million.

That fireplace was hand-carved.

The story goes it was built in 1926 by an heir to the Polish monarchy, and the Mediterranean-style home is certainly regal enough to live up to that rumor. The 24,000 sq. ft. manse features a three-room master bedroom, a game room, a speakeasy, a formal dining room, an ornate limestone fireplace, a recently renovated kitchen (complete with imported stained-glass) and a '20s-style movie theater.

This is a live-in kitchen!

There is, of course, a breathtaking marble staircase, all the better for Swanson's eat-your-heart-out-Norma-Desmond entrances.

How amazing is this master suite?

Outside, there is an infinity pool and a botanical garden.

With its current price reduction, it only costs 10 times the price of a small Manhattan one-bedroom apartment, so give Signature Realty a call if you've got money burning a hole in your apartment.

Sunset Boulevard (1950) would be playing on a loop if I lived here!

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  1. There is all kinds of aristocracy in Poland but never an “heir to the monarchy”. Kings were chosen by the Sejm (saym) , a council of land owners and they rarely chose a native Pole.

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