Disco Sondheim!

Hey, I loved Disco Evita, so why not Disco Sondheim?

Broadway Records is releasing Losing My Mind: A Sondheim Fever Dream digitally on March 20 and in stores in April, and hypes it as a disco reimagining of all of 89-year-old Stephen Sondheim's greatest works.

Scott Wasserman and Joshua Hinck dreamed up the idea and selected the album's 40 songs, some of which will be stand-alones, some presented as medleys, but Sondheim is on board with this.

I want to grind this up and snort it!

He even wrote the men a handwritten good-luck note, which they're framing because duh.

Listen to a mind-spinning mix here.

Until we get a proper music video and/or more, busy yourselves with this work of genius from 30 years ago:

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