Past & Curious: Larry David, Ron Wood & MORE

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Larry times! (Image via Office of the Governor of California)

YOUTUBE: Larry David is 72 and letting you know that you're an idiot if you leave the house, endangering the lives of old dudes like him.

Heave is a place on Instagram Live. (Image via Instagram Live)

BOY CULTURE: Check out the first episode of Duke's Download, the new Instagram Live series hosted by James "Duke" Mason, the son of Go-Go's singer Belinda Carlisle ... and Belinda is his first guest!

Please reschedule! (Image via Heaven 17)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Heaven 17 had been set to embark upon its first-ever U.S. tour, but that has been scuttled by COVID-19. The duo says they'll try to resked.

OPB.ORG: Bill Lapschies, 104, just became likely the world's oldest COVID-19 survivor. He kicked the pernicious virus and is old enough to have lived through the oft-referenced 1918 flu pandemic, too. Incredible:

YOUTUBE: Rolling Stone Ron Wood, 72, takes time out during the COVID-19 crisis to read an inspiring passage from one of his books for those suffering from addiction.

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