Stevie Nicks, Mark Hamill, Glenn Close, Judy Garland & MORE!

Links to the past with relevance today:

Ooh, baby, ooh, ooh ... (GIF via GIPHY)

DO YOU REMEMBER?: Turns out Stevie Nicks, 71, only just recently heard a white-winged dove singing.

Heath worked opposed Vincent Price (1911-1993) in three films. (Image via International Pictures)

THR: Hilary Heath, who acted in International Pictures horror flicks like Witchfinder General (1968), and who later turned to producing with such films as An Awfully Big Adventure (1995) and Nil by Mouth (1997), has died at 74 of COVID-19 complications.

Didn't they see Cats? (GIF via GIPHY)

EW: Disney's Robin Hood (1973) — the one with the fox — is getting a live-action, CGI remake. What do we think of this?

Hopefully COVID-19 won't leave her in the dark ... (Images via Paramount & ALW)

BROADWAY WORLD: Glenn Close, 73, wants to shoot the movie version of the Broadway musical Sunset Boulevard this year. Times have changed! Norma Desmond seemed an antique when the movie was released in 1950, but Close's Desmond will be 23 years older than Gloria Swanson's (1899-1983).

You can't Force him to watch Trump. (Image via selfie)

HUFF POST: Mark Hamill, 68, is recording every White House presser with Trump ... just to take satisfaction in deleting them "sight unseen."

With all the frills upon it ... (Image via MGM)

RICK'S REAL/REEL LIFE: Happy Easter Weekend! Spend a little of it reminiscing about the fabulous film classic Easter Parade (1948).

INSTAGRAM: Speaking of Easter Parade, Easter would have been Ann Miller's 97th!

L.A. TIMES: Go-Go Kathy Valentine, 61, has a memoir that blows the lid off her rock 'n' roll life. Check out the interview, then check out the book here.

Her lips aren't sealed. (Image via U. of Texas Press)

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