HBD Barbra, RIP Campbellocking Creator, Plus: Silents, Cher & ‘Valley Girl’

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Lawng nails, lawng list! (GIF via GIPHY)

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Barbra Streisand is 78 today! Here are 78 things Greg loves, admires and appreciates about the living legend.

"When you don't know how to dance, no matter what somebody show you, it ain't gonna come out right!" (Image via video still)

NYT: Hip-hop dance originator Don Campbell has died at 69. He invented locking in the early '70s. He spoke eloquently and at length about his appeal, the dance he originated and the concept of dancing vs. entertaining here.

Buster Keaton (1895-1966) — one of the greats (Image via MGM)

NYT: Now might be the time to start trying silent movies — here's a list.

PEOPLE: Richard Gere is a dad again, at 70.

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Thoughts on my 70th…

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DO YOU REMEMBER?: Peter Frampton on coming alive — or at least staying alive! — at 70.

Cher ecstasy! (Image via PeopleTV)

PEOPLE: Sean Hayes, 49, says working with Cher on Will & Grace — which has just ended its second run — was a dream:

"It was so wild to have, to have the character be in love with this icon and superstar like Cher, and then to have Cher on the show, like, out of nowhere. She’s the best. She’s super cool, super down to earth, really fun and funny and got a big heart. She is who she is because you feel that from her. You feel that she, ‘Okay, I could hang out with this girl for a long time.’ She’s very, very cool."

INSTAGRAM: This week is the anniversary of the birth of late icon Shirley Temple Black. Check out this shocking interview she gave, long before #MeToo. (Awkwardly, the man she says exposed himself to her when she was 12 won an Oscar for 1958's Gigi — you know, zee movie with that "Thank Heaven for Leetle Girls" number.)

I hope it stays true to the original ... (Image via Interscope)

LISTEN HERE: The classic movie Valley Girl (1983) has been remade as a musical — and the first single from the soundtrack is also a remake, of the 1982 hit Go-Go's tune "We Got the Beat":

KENNETH IN THE (212): Speaking of which ... there's a new Kathy Valentine memoir!

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