‘Twice Upon a Time … in Hollywood,’ LuPone Dishes, Reb Brown and More — Past & Curious

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Everybody goes to Hollywood ... (Image via Netflix)

BBC: Ryan Murphy is the ultimate fanboy of Old Hollywood, but his new take on it, Netflix's Hollywood, is being called a "lavish disaster."

Holland with Aimee Mann (GIF via GIPHY)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Did Cully Holland, the hunk in that "Voices Carry" music video, die of AIDS 30 years ago?

EXTRATV: Bollywood icon Irrfan Khan has died of cancer at 53.

I forgot Reb was in 1973's Sssssss! (Image via video still)

BOY CULTURE: Reb Brown's birthday (suit)!

YOUTUBE: Andy Cohen quizzes Patti LuPone, 71, on how her hubby reacts to her graphic sex scenes (she's done a couple — who knew?):

She also said she didn't regret not playing Eva's mom in the film adaptation of Evita (1996), thinks Streisand is too old at 78 to play Mama Rose, talked about trashing her dressing room after being fired from Sunset Boulevard ... and more.

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