Elvis’s Jeweled Jock, Val Kilmer Now + More — Past & Curious

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Where the King's jewels were kept (Image via PFC)

PAUL FRASER COLLECTIBLES: So if you were interested in an original, bedazzled Elvis Presley jockstrap, you're in luck — one is for sale, and for an opening bid of just £29,950.

"My name is ... Tanya." (Image via NBC)

EXTRATV: RIP Richard Herd! The Seinfeld actor has died at 87. He'll always be "Tanya" to me!

His blond ambition got the better of him. (GIF via GIPHY)

NYT: Cancer has robbed Val Kilmer of his voice, but if you ask me, Christian Science has robbed us of Val Kilmer to some extent. The long story of his journey in Hollywood is fascinating, regardless of how invested you were in this top '80s and '90s star.

EW: Entertainment Weekly's #UnitedAtHome series focuses on the massive cast of All My Children, past and present!

Note: Georgia law forbids tearing down Confederate statues ... but not moving them. (Images via video still/Fontana)

13WMAZ: Yes! A Macon, Georgia, woman wants to have a confederate statue removed — and replaced with one of the late Little Richard.

THE CUT: Mark Harris on the power — and the current vulnerability — of the world's elderly. It opens with this eye-opener:

Our best hope for unseating the about-to-turn-74-year-old in the White House, whose reign is propped up by a terrifyingly powerful cable network that serves as the plaything of an ultrarich 89-year-old, is a former vice-president who, at 77, won the Democratic nomination over a 78-year-old senator whom young people preferred during the primaries. If elected, he will, one hopes, work effectively with the 80-year-old Speaker of the House or may, one worries, be thwarted by the truculent 78-year-old Senate majority leader. Until then, several crucial rights, including access to health care and abortion, may rest in the survival of an 87-year-old Supreme Court justice currently in somewhat fragile health (notwithstanding the fact that her endurance and physical strength have become the stuff of legend and of memes).

KENNETH IN THE (212): Loving Love Boat!

BAMMER: A peek into how "regular folks" viewed what are now called "gay people" — 200 years ago.

PEOPLE: Marla Maples is still a dumb blonde.

POSEIDON'S UNDERWORLD: A coupla good points about Joan Crawford.

Queen Bee's queen Cs! (Image via video still)

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