RIP Kurt, Prince’s Message from the Grave & More — Past & Curious

Links the past, with relevance today:

His Gymkata (1985) is a camp classic! (Image via MGM)

EXTRATV: RIP Kurt Thomas, the star gymnast who was a trailblazer in his field, and who was denied Olympic glory in 1980 when the U.S. had to boycott the Moscow Olympics. Following a stroke in May, Thomas died Friday at 64.

EW: Prince would have turned 62 this weekend, and his estate is helping his legacy live on by posting a topical handwritten note from the late rock god deploring racial "intolerance." The message is especially poignant considering the fact that George Floyd was murdered in Prince's home state of Minnesota.

TOWLEROAD: Protesters have toppled a Confederate statue that had stood in Richmond, Virginia, since 1891. The likeness of Gen. Wiliams Carter Wickham went down Saturday night, some 165 years after the South lost the Civil War.

DO YOU REMEMBER?: Melissa Joan Hart's attempt to highlight racial harmony by posting an image of Shirley Temple dancing with Bill Robinson — a scene that was filmed on a plantation — did not go down well.

GR8ERDAYS ON INSTAGRAM: The great bodybuilding icon Ed Fury is still with us — and just turned 92!

THE MIRROR UK: The U.S. has requested that the U.K. hand over Prince Andrew for Jeffrey Epstein testimony. YIKES.

REAL SCREEN: Reelz is set to air a 10-episode series entitled ABBA: Secrets of Their Greatest Hits.

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