Vanessa Williams Looks Back, Aunt Jemima Looks Forward & More — Past & Curious

Links to the past, with relevance today:

The Post's always been misogynist. (Image via NYP)

EXTRATV: Vanessa Williams reflects on her experience as the first Black Miss America ... without even acknowledging how dirty the organization did her in pushing her out the door for some nude photos.

A still from Passing Strangers (Image via

BOY CULTURE: A review of Passing Strangers, a '70s gay erotic film with more in common with arthouse movies than porn.

DO YOU REMEMBER?: Henry Winkler likes the idea of a statue of Dolly Parton replacing a KKK statue. Who doesn't?

NASA: NASA will name its HQ in D.C. after Mary W. Jackson (1921-2005), the first Black female engineer at the agency.

BOY CULTURE: This young girl understands why Madonna is the Queen of Pop, that Madonna is the Queen of Pop and who is to blame for any tarnish her crown has sustained. Really sweet and smart and fun to listen to.

Nancy Green became the first-ever living trademark. (Image via NPR)

NPR: Fascinating read about the life and legacy of Nancy Green (1834-1923), the first of the models hired to promote Aunt Jemima.

JUST JARED: California's COVID-19 cases are jumping, causing a delay — until at least July 17 — in the re-opening of Disneyland.

PLAYBILL: The sequel to the late Mart Crowley's The Boys in the Band (1968) was The Men from the Boys (2002), a work that will now receive a charity reading this Friday.

Mart would be so proud. (Image via BC/EFA)

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