‘Golden Girls’ Blackface Episode Pulled

One episode of The Golden Girls ("Mixed Blessings" from 1988) will be pulled from Hulu because it shows Rose and Blanche in mud masks; in context, the joke is clearly derived from mistaking the masks for blackface, with Rose saying, "We're not really black!"

It's a shame they can't simply trim the scene, because the episode is anti-racist, and gives fantastic guest spots to several terrific Black actors (Virginia Capers, 1925-2004; Lynn Hamilton, b. 1930; Montrose Hagins, 1924-2012; and Rosalind Cash, 1938-1995), but there's no sense in defending it — it's definitely a rare cheap moment in a thoughtful, funny, progressive series.

Rather than focusing only on the missteps, let's revisit the "Camp Town Races Aren't Nearly as Much Fun as They Used to Be" episode of The Golden Palace (1992), which is amazingly prescient in its direct addressing of the Confederate flag and southern racism.

Truly, great writing. Watch HERE.

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