Kristian Alfonso Quits, ‘Dukes’ React to Flag Flap & More!

James in his prime (Image via Before I Forget/BearManor)

THR: Please check out my interview with the late James Sheldon, who gave dish on James Dean, Marlo Thomas, Lynda Carter, Loni Anderson and more!

From blushing bride to retiree, Alfonso was one of the daytime drama's most beloved actors. (Image via NBC)

EXTRATV: Kristian Alfonso is quitting Days of Our Lives after an incredible 37 years!

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Even Kevin Bacon is not great at "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon."

Great. There goes my diet. (Image via Post)

DO YOU REMEMBER?: Ten sugary cereals from the '50s!

PEOPLE: Ronnie & Donnie Galyon, history's longest-surviving conjoined twins, have died at 68. They outlived the world-famous Chang and Eng Bunker — from whom the phrase "Siamese twins" was derived — by just over a year.

Debbie does Giger (Image by H.R. Giger/Chrysalis)

KENNETH IN THE (212): When the song of the day is by Debbie Harry, it's a good day.

FACEBOOK: I know I already wrote about the ABC 25th Anniversary Celebration from 1978, but now I've got a hi-res snapshot of the guests — how many can you name?!

Redd Foxx to Robert Stack: "Can you believe this sh*t?!" (Image via ABC)

THR: Not surprisingly, the stars and creators of The Dukes of Hazzard see nothing wrong with the Confederate flag. (Meal-ticket alert!)

No Black people have complained to John Schneider — so that settles it! (GIF via GIPHY)

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