Valerie’s Emmys, Gladiator Wardrobe Malfunctions & More!

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Something to see here! (Images via Peplum TV)

PEPLUM TV: The "Wardrobe Malfunction" page of Peplum TV is what the Internet was made for. Nothing but images of stars revealing a little too much in ways that censors mostly didn't notice or care about. Do you like gladiator movies?!

VANITY FAIR: Did heiress Doris Duke murder a friend and get away with it?

Fair is far. (Images via Julien's Auctions & CBS)

THR: The TV Academy — just like AMPAS does with its Oscars — claims its Emmy statuettes belong to the organization, even after they're handed to winners. Winners may keep them and may hand them down to their heirs, but are forbidden from selling them. This policy has been printed on the awards since 1975, but what to do about pre-1975 statuettes? The estate of late actress Valerie Harper was attempting to auction off her four Emmys via Julien's Auctions, and each had quickly achieved bids north of $5,000, but the TV Academy has sued, claiming they own them. I think this rule is preposterous. I understand the ivory-tower goal of not seeing the industry's top honors bought and sold, but on the other hand, if you give someone an award, it should damn well be theirs to keep, to give away, the hand down to family/friends or to toss in the trash. I wish courts would intervene and do away with this nonsensical rule, or that actors would simply refuse to participate until it's changed.

Have had a lot of fun at these ... (Image via Chiller Theatre)

CHILLER THEATRE: Chiller Theatre, the premier horror expo where fans meet stars in Parsippany, New Jersey, has officially been pushed to April 2021.

Hello, Larry, goodbye, M*A*S*H! (Image via NBC)

DO YOU REMEMBER?: Remembering actor McLean Stevenson's (1927-1996) arguably terrible decision to leave his hit series M*A*S*H after three seasons, in search of talk-show and/or sitcom glory.

Hate connection (GIF via GIPHY)

DAILYMAIL: Did 79-year-old ex-talk show host Chuck Woolery delete his Twitter account because his son tested positive for COVID-19 days after Woolery called the virus a hoax? Or did he deleted it for reasons unknown?

INSTAGRAM: Vintage banana! I mean, Banana!

EXTRATV: RIP to lovely Galyn Görg, who died of cancer just a day before her 56th birthday.

TWITTER: Skid Row's Sebastian Bach is not a Trumper:

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