Al Green: ‘Who Did This?’ Plus: Lost ‘Parting Glances’ Q&A & More!

Links to the past, with relevance today:

TWITTER: The legendary Al Green, 74, lit up Twitter with this found image.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Director Bill Sherwood (1952-1990) of Parting Glances (1986) is interviewed at length about his groundbreaking gay film in 1986. Sadly, he would only live another several years, due to AIDS. (They reference this review by Janet Maslin (b. 1949) ... but I don't think she was as dismissive as they felt she was.)

WZTV: Graceland has been vandalized with BLM and DEFUND THE POLICE messages. There is zero evidence that the people who did the vandalism support the messages, by the way.

Mama! (Image via Netflix)

EW: Carol Burnett, 87, has been granted temporary custody of one of her grandchildren.

Shameless! (Image via video stills)

LOVEBSCOTT: Living legend Harry Belafonte, 93, came out swinging against the Trump campaign's manipulation of one of his old TV interviews, which was used to make Joe Biden look bad.

PEOPLE: John McEnroe, 61, is "proud" of his sport's addressing of racial injustice.

BOY CULTURE: The 1969 off-Broadway classic (revived, on Broadway for the first time, in 2018) The Boys in the Band is coming to Netflix September 30.

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