Rugged Robert Logan

Robert Logan (b. May 29, 1941) is a '70s fantasy man whose career reached back into the '50s.

Short-shorts in the '50s (Images via ABC)

Born in Brooklyn, he was signed up by Warner Bros. largely on the basis of his good looks.

The total package (Image via ABC)

Early on, from 1961-1963, he was J.R. Hale on 77 Sunset Strip, replacing Edd Byrnes (1932-2020), and appeared in the potboiler Claudelle Inglish (1961).

Legs! (Image via ABC)

He followed it up with a stint from 1965-1966 on Daniel Boone with Fess Parker (1924-2010).

Fessin' up (Image via NBC)

What you probably remember him for, if you remember him, are his roles as Skip Robinson in the '70s flicks The Adventures of the Wilderness Family (1975), The Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family (1978) and Mountain Family Robinson (1979).

His beauty ripened in the '70s, no? (Images via Pacific International Enterprises)
Logan circa 1990 (Image via Facebook)

I also loved his TV movie Snowbeast (1977), which came out during the Bigfoot craze, and he popped up in the delightfully sleazy A Night in Heaven (1983), the stripper movie starring Christopher Atkins (b. 1961).

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His career wound down after that, with only seven more credits to his name, mostly low-budget movies. His last acting, to date, was in Redboy 13 (1997).

More of his hotness:

He was always a Robert Wagner look-alike! (Image via ABC)
That expression ... (Image via video still)
With Byrnes, who he replaced (Image via ABC)
The teeth, the hair, the eyes ... (Image via tear sheet)

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  1. I remember the iconic 70’s series “Kojak.” In the 80’s, my mother spotted Kevin Dobson at the Velvet Turtle Restaurant in Thousand Oaks, CA having a drink by himself in the bar. My mother was too timid to approach Kevin Dobson, but was gushing when she came home to tell the family she was about ten feet from her favorite actor – Kevin Dobson! 🙂

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