Sexiest ’70s & ’80s Poster Boys

As time has marched on, we have lost various art forms — the art of the album cover is nearly lost (since there is no reason to create an image to fit on a physical cover anymore — though this IG account helps preserve it), and the art of the cheesy beefcake poster is ... a lost cause.

This 1985 Patrick Swayze pose looked great when "hung."
"L'Enfant" by Spencer Rowell was marketed in 1986. The model, Adam Perry, was docked his pay for having a sunburn (sepia hid it), and in 2004 said the fame this poster brought led to sex addiction and ruin. All for a poster meant to show off "the new man" and his sensitive side!

But who could ever forget those hot-guy posters while they lasted?!

The latest male sex symbol, sometimes having risen through the ranks of teen mags, sometimes coming from the world of Chippendales or male modeling or TV, would be granted a solo poster, and that poster — usually a shameless presentation of their gleaming smiles and glistening bodies — would be one of 100 you could flip through on a rack at Spencer's Gifts or some other tawdry storefront at your local mall.

Rob Lowe, from around 1985
I always though Corey Haim's character in The Lost Boys (1987) was gay because he had the Rob Lowe poster (Image via video still)

Nobody has posters anymore!

Check out these, some of the hottest of the hot-guy posters of the '70s and '80s, poses that even at the time were outrageous and sometimes cringeworthy, but that live on in our memories in ways the guys posing for them ... probably never imagined:

Gregory Harrison (b. 1950) struck gold multiple times in the poster field. including with his For Ladies Only (1981) and The Fighter (1983) poses.

Sexxxy Chippendale Robert Parrish, 1980s
From 1988, actor Jay Underwood (b. 1968), who is now a pastor
Released around 1983 or 1984, during his Knight Rider phase, this poster of David Hasselhoff definitely displayed his potential.
This 1983 Jon-Erik Hexum (1957-1984) poster raised the bar — and his brawny arms!
Dolph Lundgren (b. 1957) was primarily a poster subject — even more so than he was an actor!
Wonder how many millions the Scott Madsen (circa 1962-possibly died 2015) Soloflex posters sold?
In 1982, Erik Estrada (b. 1949) appeared in the TV movie Honeyboy, which launched this knockout of a poster.
Hangin' out (almost!) with Dirk Benedict (b. 1945) in this 1977 shot.
Also from 1977, tragic Andy Gibb (1958-1988), rockin' the built-in shag carpeting1
Soap stud Terry Lester (1950-2003) was Speedo-tastic in this 1985 shot.
There were tons of Mitch Gaylord (b. 1961) options, including this classic 1984 shot. Olympians do it best!
Eight Is Enough star Willie Aames (b. 1960) rocked some man-cleavage in this 1978 pic.
Maybe someone can correct me, but I think this David Gibbs — seen in mid-'80s beefcake posters — isn't the same David Gibbs who was a TV game show model, and who died in a helicopter crash?
Steve Gury, a mid-'80s model in both senses of the word, appealed to the ladies with that mane of hair, but the fellas with that Speedo.
Love me some Jason Cedric (b. 1965), who in 1989 starred in Rooftops — the movie, and the poster!
Along with posters showing men with babies, sexualized military guys dominated racks in the rah-rah-Reagan '80s.
Weren't there any Black male models deemed worthy of a national poster campaign?? Maybe only Michael Jackson (1958-2009) rated at Spencer's. Prove me wrong!

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  1. I did some internet detective work and I’m now convinced that the Scott Madsen who died is NOT the former Soloflex model Scott Madsen. There is a 5-year birth year discrepancy, for one thing. Solorflex Scott Madsen was born in 1962. The Scott Madsen who died was born in 1957.
    From this news article in 2010 about his conviction we know that the former Soloflex model’s full name is Scott Severin Madsen, and his age is listed as 48 (which means born in 1962)
    So today he would be 58 years old. lists a Scott Severin Madsen, age “50s”, living in Oregon.
    It lists Scott Severin Madsen as “associated with” Melissa Vanderpool, Karen Walker, Shelby Madsen and Tamra Madsen. None of those people are listed in the other Scott Madsen’s 2015 (born 1957) obituary as survivors. lists a Scott S. Madsen, 58, in Oregon.
    It lists Scott. S. Madsen as “associated with” Roger Madsen, Shelby Madsen, Mackenzie Madsen, Chandler Madsen, Gail Madsen. Note that Shelby Madsen was also listed as associated with Scott Severin Madsen on None of these Madsen’s are listed as survivors in the other Scott Madsen’s 2015 (age 57) obituary.
    It seems clear that the 57-year old Scott Madsen who died in 2015 at age 57 is NOT former Soloflex model Scott Madsen. Soloflex Scott is apparently still alive.

  2. Ant

    Great posters! I would add Prince as a black male performer that definitely was sexy poster worthy and always available at Spencers!

  3. I had the Soloflex guy poster above my bed, but to be fair I also had a Soloflex, so not entirely gay.

  4. The 70s and 80s…the Best of Times! I ran into Terry Lester in an adult book store! And had encounters with a few other sexy boys of that time! Working in the biz then was quite an experience! Jay Underwood was always a cutie…well, until he Wasn’t! He and his family bought some things at one of my yard sales….very nice guy.
    Thanks for the Memories!
    And, yes…I Do still have some of those posters, myself!! 🙂


  5. This david Christopher Gibbs didn’t die that’s the other david Gibbs

  6. No clue about most of these guys, but I still have a poster of
    Lorenzo Lamas from Renegade. Would like one or more of Matt Bomer. ❤️🔥👍

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