A ‘Price Is Right’ Channel, 50 Years of ‘Lola,’ Dolly’s Medal & More!

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Barker's beauties, including Johnny Olsen (1910-1985)! (Image via CBS)

VULTURE: Pluto TV (I know — I guess it's a UHF channel) is launching an entire, 24/7 channel devoted to nothing but hundreds of hours of 1980s The Price Is Right episodes hosted by Bob Barker! (Barker, by the way, is still with us and about to turn 97.)

The song is said to have been based on a true story. (Image via PYE)

NYT: Ray Davies, 76, talks about 50 years of the Kinks' hit "Lola," the first worldwide smash with an unmistakably queer theme.

TWITTER: Barack Obama, 59, admits Dolly Parton, 74, should have been given a Presidential Medal of Freedom, says, "I'll call Biden."

EW: Entertainment Weekly rounds up some of the best-ever book adaptations. Do you agree with its choices?

Baby RuPaul! (Image by Linda Simpson)

BOY CULTURE: A new book chronicles — in rare photos — the rise of drag from the underground to the mainstream in the '70s-'90s.

EXTRATV: Report reveals cause of death for Sean Connery, who died last month at 90.

HIV PLUS: In honor of World AIDS Day (December 1): Red Hot + Blue, released in 1990, was the first of a series of charity albums designed to raise cash to fight AIDS. Thirty years later, the collection of Cole Porter (1891-1964) covers is every bit as potent.

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