Debbie’s Last Wish …

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Debbie at one of the very first AIDS benefits in 1983 (Image via After Dark)

PEOPLE: Four years after the great Debbie Reynolds died at 84, the day after her equally great daughter Carrie Fisher had succumbed at 60, Debbie's pal Sue Cameron — author of Hollywood Secrets and Scandals — is opening up, telling People that contrary to popular belief, Debbie really didn't want to die:

"Debbie wanted to be there for her granddaughter Billie [Lourd]. After Carrie died, she had a reason to live, to take care of Billie. I don't know how much longer she would have lived but she really did want to live for Billie, but a stroke came on and that was it."

TWITTER: Sir Paul McCartney is 78, but his latest album just topped the Billboard Album Sales chart. A #1-selling disc 60 years into his career isn't bad!

HUFF POST: Aunt Becky has been sprung.

"Walter, don't slouch and get lost!" (Image via video still)

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Flashing back to The Carol Burnett Show's parody of Maude!

KENNETH IN THE (212): Revisiting the ill-intentioned, misguided "DISCO SUCKS" movement. Steve Dahl, who spearheaded it, has claimed till he is blue in the face that the event had no racist or anti-gay undertones but ... um ... hello?

Chicago Dahl (Image via Medium)

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