Raunchy Hollywood, Phil Spector Dies, Betty White Lives & More!

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In like Flynn (Image via Last Movie Outpost)

LAST MOVIE OUTPOST: A deep dive into the hedonism of the Garden of Allah, a Hollywood hot spot from the late 20s through the end of the 50s where such A-listers as Errol Flynn used to romp with abandon.

Spector in 2019 (Image via CDCR)

EXTRATV: Phil Spector, the legendary producer who had spent the last dozen years of his life in prison for the 2003 murder of actress Lana Clarkson, has died at 81 after a bout with COVID-19.

The great lady shone even without Spector's permission. (Image via handout)

VARIETY: One of Spector's most famous protégées, and one whose career he indisputably hobbled, Darlene Love, says:

“You know, the whole thing was like a bad marriage. It’s a marriage that was abusive — not just physically, but mentally. That’s what Phil was trying to do with me. He wanted to control not Darlene, but the talent.”

A rare pic of Betty out on the town! (Image via Photoplay)

PEOPLE: Betty White turns 99 Sunday, telling the AP she will stay up as late as she wants. She told People Magazine the secret to her longevity is positivity.

Wayne, peeking out from behind in Kid Monk Baroni (1952) (Image via Realart)

INSTAGRAM: Guy Madison's kid brother Wayne Mallory has died two days shy of his 96th.

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