Tippi at 91, Scoop on ‘This Was Hollywood,’ Dolly Mounring & More!

Links to the past:

A coupla birds (Image via Instagram)

INSTAGRAM: Melanie Griffith proudly shared photos of her living-legend mom Tippi Hedren in honor of the Hitchcock heroine's 91st, writing:

"Happy Birthday Mom!! You are as beautiful today , at 91 years old , as you were at 22 in this first photo. I love you so much."

Collins worked with Garbo — but that didn't save her from the casting couch. (Image via MGM)

EW: This Was Hollywood is the new book published by TCM and compiled by Instagram star Carla Valderrama. It focuses not on the stories we know and love, but the ones we don't know, about Old Hollywood. That includes a new #MeToo story from former kid star Cora Sue Collins (b. 1927), who says at age 15 she turned down sex with screenwriter Harry Ruskin (1894-1969) even though it cost her her career.

EXTRATV: Dolly Parton is celebrating her 75th birthday, but mourning the death — due to cancer — of her baby brother Randy, who has died at 67.

This newcomer has got a shot! (Image via Joel Grey)

PEOPLE: Living legend Joel Grey, 88, talks about why he decided to get the COVID-19 vaccine, saying:

"I got the vaccine because I want to be safe. We've lost so many people to COVID. I've lost a few friends. It's heartbreaking. Frightening. Like boxing with the enemy. What's been helping me is a solid belief that there is an end. I want to live. I love life."

INSTAGRAM: It's the 95th anniversary of the birth of Steve Reeves ... celebrate with two sexy galleries: here and here.

Are those — gulp — leather? (Image via physique magazine)

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