Grace & Frankie & Dolly, Shelley Duvall on ‘The Shining’ Tears & More!

Links to the past, with relevance today:

I'll drink to that! (GIF via GIPHY)

NYP: Dolly Parton, 75, is apparently set to appear on Grace and Frankie! It's a 9 to 5 (1980) reunion without the 9 to 5 part! More from her Lorraine (UK) interview:

EW: For the first time ever, the Oscars — in a nod to COVID-19 safety — will be broadcast from multiple locations.

Shelley turning 70 (Image via Shelley Duvall)

THR: The Hollywood Reporter tracked down Shelley Duvall, 71, who remembers the brutal shoot behind The Shining (1980), expresses her affection for Robert Altman (1925-2006), gingerly discusses her financial and mental health issues, and overall comes through as a far more complex person than the utterly sad figure she cut in her infamous Dr. Phil interview from 2016.

BOY CULTURE: Remembering Larry Flynt, the controversial publisher of Hustler magazine, who died Wednesday at 78 of heart failure.

PEOPLE: Bruce Springsteen, 71, was arrested in late 2020 and charged with three alcohol-related offenses. However, he wasn't even close to drunk. WTF? Sounds like cops angry over his politics, if you ask me.

KENNETH IN THE (212): The mother of musicians Bryan MacLean (1946-1998) and Maria McKee, 56, has died at 95.

EXTRATV: Lynda Carter, 69, is mourning the loss of her husband of 37 years, Robert A. Altman. Altman reportedly died after complications arose following a surgical procedure.

Carter posted this loving image. (Image via Twitter)

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