Liza Minnelli to Fans: I’m Fine!

They've talked about her forever! (Image via National Enquirer)

Immediately after her 75th birthday — celebrated with a small party at home, and online by a galaxy of stars — living legend Liza Minnelli wants fans to know she's okay, and to avoid believing an upcoming National Enquirer hit piece.

She writes on Facebook:

"Hey Kids! On the heels of my swell birthday celebrations with close friends, I have heard that the National Enquirer (who's circulation must be down) intends to post another absurd story about me. They always quote an anonymous “close friend" but never ever actually quote any of my real friends by name in any of their stories because they might get the truth. Please look at my recent Instagram/Facebook posts and tell me if you think I’m in bad shape, or not well and isolated from my friends. Meghan, I know how you feel honey! #NotGoingLikeElsie."

She looked great in the few photos we have seen from the evening, gifting us with a seated performance.

She even did a little duet with Joan Collins:

Take that, tabloids!

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