Peter Marshall, COVID-19 Survivor, Celebrated on His 95th by Host of Stars

Peter Marshall, the legendary host of The Hollywood Squares for decades, almost did not live to celebrate his 95th birthday this week — he spent a couple of months battling COVID-19.

The Emmy-winning Boy Singer (Image via NBC)

In fact, he was sent home to die in comfort, but defied the odds and seems to have pulled through!

His 95th-birthday celebration turned out to be a real treat, hosted adroitly by Wink Martindale and featuring long, live interactions with Chita Rivera (who I never realized considers Marshall practically family), Leslie Uggams (his Fantasy co-host — more on that show here), Ruta Lee (who tossed out a rape joke — keepin' it retro, baby!) and Squares veterans Sandy Duncan, Jackie Joseph and Loni Anderson.

The show contained great clips from throughout Marshall's career, including his 1949 TV debut, and shorter shout-outs from Charo, Karen Valentine (who I want to eulogize me — lovely speech), Rich Little, Kathy Lennon, Anson Williams, Monica Mancini, Millicent Martin, Bill & Susan Seaforth Hayes, Tom Bergeron, Jo Anne Worley, Sue Raney and Betty White.

Best of all, Marshall — whose mellifluous voice is unimpeded by age or the coronavirus — pops up at the very end to briefly, emotionally thank everyone for their well-wishes. He definitely looks thinner than when I saw him a few years ago at the Rosie Marie documentary screening in NYC, but it is said he is regaining strength little by little every day.

Peter and Laurie have kicked COVID-19! (Image via

The show was staged not only to kiss Peter's deserving butt, but also to raise cash for Actors and Others for Animals — donate here.

Watch the whole tribute below:

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