Tanya Roberts’ Disturbing Will Revealed: ‘You Don’t Love Me’

Charlie's Angels and That '70s Show star Tanya Roberts was one of the first noteworthy celebrity deaths of 2021 — and she was also the second.

As a movie star, Roberts was in The Beastmaster and — above — 1985's A View to a Kill with the late Roger Moore. (Image via MGM/UA)

After a gravely ill Roberts was falsely reported to have died, it was revealed she was still clinging to life. A correct death announcement went out the same week once she passed away.

Her death was surprising. For starters, she was the picture of health at 65, and yet collapsed unexpectedly while on a hike with her common-law husband Lance O'Brien. She never regained consciousness, dying on January 4, 2021.

Her will, Page Six reports, is handwritten. According to legal experts, such an informal will is legal in some cases in California, where she died, as long as her mental health and her intention that it serve as a legal will are not called into question.

In it, she writes, "My last will and testament. I want to leave my house

and all its belongings to my best friend Lance O' Brien — I also leave my two dogs + my pension plan checks to Lance O'Brien. I have no reason to live. Nothing will go to my sister Barbara Leary or her son Zack Leary."

Her sister has already filed paperwork contesting the will.

Roberts goes on to say of O'Brien, "I know you don't love me but you have been a true friend and for that I'm gratefull." Calling O'Brien her "best friend," she also asks him not to blame himself. "I was always to sensitive to live in this world."

The will is odd because it sounds like she knew she was going to die — or even like she took her own life, which has never been suggested in any reporting.

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