’70s Party Invites, Disfarmer Discord, ‘Death in Venice’ Gripes & More

Links to the past, with relevance today:

The blogger argues the imagery was not in poor taste ... (Image via From Ellis Island to the Ellis Act)

FROM ELLIS ISLAND TO THE ELLIS ACT: An incredible collection of '70s counterculture party invites.

I could eat. (Image via Gallery)

PEOPLE: Patti LaBelle, 77, is celebrating the 20th anniversary of her famed cookbook.

NEW YORKER: This long read on the contentious ownership of the lauded photographs of Mike Disfarmer (1884-1959) is maddening. The artist, who worked in solitude and died in obscurity, enjoyed a postmortem celebrity when his archives were acquired, preserved and commercialized by a collective. Over time, his work became so acclaimed that pickers were combing every nook and cranny of the area in Arkansas in which he lived and worked, paying people for family photos right out of the albums. Now, 60+ years after his death, some 60 kin have come forward with a copyright suit to avenge monetary harm done to "Uncle Mike." No one in the story comes out particularly clean, but if you have any interest in photography or copyright, this story's for you.

THR: Yes, there will be an Indiana Jones 5, and yes, Antonio Banderas is joining 79-year-old Harrison Ford!

THE GUARDIAN: Björn Andrésen — the "beautiful boy" at the film's center — declares that 1971's Death in Venice "screwed up" his life. As for director Luchino Visconti, he says he would tell him today, "Fuck off."

About a boy ... (Images via Warner Bros. & A24)

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