Dolly on Britney, History of the Wheaties Box & More!

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Go West, young lady! (Image via video still)

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Dolly Parton recalls her lawsuit against Porter Wagoner while lending support to Britney Spears. She also compares herself to Mae West. It amazes me how Mae West is a punchline and Madonna is a source of contempt but Dolly is able to do it and be beloved at all times. I guess she is just THAT sympathetic.

Thinking inside the box ... (Image via Wheaties)

CBS NEWS: The history of the coveted Wheaties box.

NYDN: Why Netflix saved NYC's famed Paris Theatre.

KENNETH IN THE (212): An ode to the mettle of Steffi Graf, circa 1988.

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