More Than Lily Munster: Celebrating Yvonne De Carlo

Trodding the boards in Follies (Image via Playbill)

In honor of the great Yvonne De Carlo's birth anniversary (she would be turning 99 — five months younger than Betty White is), check out these videos, which illuminate some of the breadth of her talent beyond her charming and iconic performance as Lily on The Munsters.

First she was another sloe-eyed vamp ... (Image via Follie!)
... then someone's mother ... (Image via CBS)
... then she was camp! (Image via Compass)

For a deeper dive into Ms. De Carlo, read on:

Belting "Louie Sands & Jim McGee" in 1948's River Girl:

Singing "Frankie & Johnny" in 1949's The Gal Who Took the West. That vibrato never left her:

Demonstrating her operatic roots in the same film:

Belting the ribald "Boy, Can That Boy Foxtrot" at the Colonial Theatre in Boston in 1971 before the song was cut from Follies:

Early TV performances of "I'm Still Here" reveal it to be tailor-made for her, even if she was not even 50 yet (considered pretty damn old at the time, not so much now) — and she sometimes messed up the lyrics:

In 1976, De Carlo talked about women's lib, which seemed beyond her, though she insisted on men doing "their duty in the bedroom":

In 1978, when the new "HOLLYWOOD" sign was unveiled, De Carlo sang "I'm Still Here," resplendent in gold:

Here, in 1982, De Carlo gamely chats it up with Joe Franklin, talking about her storied career:

In 1984, De Carlo recreated her "I'm Still Here" performance in New Orleans as part of a self-retrospective. She really was born to sing this song, and the other songs are amazing as well:

De Carlo was reunited with Butch Patrick from The Munsters on Vicki! in 1994:

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