Sondheim Touts ‘Company’ & ‘West Side Story’ Revamps, ‘Mommie Dearest’ Forever + More!

Links to the past with relevance today:

Colbert drew tears from Sondheim during this chat. (Image via video still)

YOUTUBE: Stephen Sondheim, 91, made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where he said he is still writing new works, including Square One, which he hopes to have on Broadway next season. He also reminisced about Oscar Hammerstein and James Lapine, the upcoming movie remake of West Side Story, and talked about Company returning to Broadway. So amazing to still have him:

RICK'S REAL/REEL LIFE: Of course you have time for a Mommie Dearest mega-post! Rick delves into the making and aftermath of the 1981 film, which became an instant camp classic, wrecked Faye Dunaway's career — and didn't especially please Christina Crawford, either.

For a pretty bad film, this thing had legs! (Image via Paramount)

NYT: Jean-Claude van Itallie, the American Hurrah (1966) playwright who was a major experimental-theater figure, has died at 85.

PEOPLE: Elton John, 74, is again postponing his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour, this time due to a need for hip surgery:

The long farewell (Image via Twitter)

WONKETTE: Big-time loser Caitlyn Jenner — who is only a few years younger than President Biden but loves to say he has dementia — spoke out after getting only a tiny number of votes for governor in the failed recall election, saying of her home state, "You kind of get the government you deserve."

VARIETY: The David Bowie estate and Warner Music Group have announced a worldwide partnership that will find Bowie's entire 1968-2016 catalogue under one roof. Expect lotsa box sets.

We could see zeroes — sales will be through the roof on past Bowie works, repackaged. (Image via Warner Music Group)

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