Zodiac Killer Nailed, ‘Acapulco’s’ ’80s Sound, Theda Bara Movie Rediscovered, Joan Collins Gets Catty & More

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Music to my orejas! (Image via Apple TV+)

SPOTIFY: The soundtrack for Apple TV+ show Acapulco is packed with '80s tunes in Spanish. Great covers!!!

Poste's friends also think he did it. (Image via historical flyers)

TMZ: I guess that last code breaker was wrong, because THE Code Breakers are now asserting unequivocally that they have decoded two of the Zodiac Killer's previously unsolved messages — and have unmasked him as Gary Francis Poste. Unfortunately, Poste just died in 2018, so he successfully eluded justice for 50 years, having the ultimate last laugh.

YOUTUBE: Thirty-nine years ago today, on October 6, 1982, Madonna's first single, "Everybody," was released. It was the start of a momentous career, once whose 40th anniversary will make its mark on 2022.

DAILY MAIL: Joan Collins, 88, says she's spent her life having her looks dissected in her new memoir — and then goes on to trash Sophia Loren's teeth, Linda Evans's plastic surgery, and more.

CNN: Tina Turner, 81, has sold her solo music catalogue for $50M+.

BENZINGA: Shockingly, more than 100 years after its 1918 release, footage of Salomé — starring Theda Bara (1885-1955) — has been discovered and released. For decades and decades, this film was thought to have been entirely lost, the last known print offered for sale 90 years ago. Incredibly, the reason these snippets have survived, according to film scholar Jack Theakson, is that these could have been deemed too racy and excised from the film at the behest of censors:

Only five of Bara's many features still exist; the vast majority of her film work was incinerated in a 1937 fire or in a '40s fire at NYC's MoMA.

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