Judge Judy Drops Byrd, Tori Spelling’s Luke Perry Regrets & More

Links to the past, with relevance today:

Hawkins-Byrd & Sheindlin in 2018 (Image via Twitter)

DO YOU REMEMBER?: Petri Hawkins-Byrd, 64, the ever-stoic bailiff on Judge Judy for 25 years, is venting — turns out he was not asked to join Judge Judy Sheindlin, 78, on her new venture, Judy Justice:

“She informed me I was not being asked to come along on the project. I didn’t inquire as to why, that’s her choice. But she did inform me that fundamentally, I was priced out as the new bailiff on her new show. My salary would've been too much. I was curious: How would she know? She didn’t ask me. She didn’t give me an opportunity to have accepted a lower salary.”

YOUTUBE: Jamie Costa is known as an uncanny Robin Williams impersonator. At his own expense, he has put together this test footage for a proposed biopic. You will be sold! Uncanny:

YOUTUBE: Another incredible Alan Eichler upload, this one from 1987. It's from a release party for the last What Ever Happened To ... ? book by Richard Lamparski (my interview with Richard here):

CNN: English garden ornaments turn out to be authentic Egyptian relics, sell for $265,000.

INSTAGRAM: Tori Spelling voices some regrets on the late Luke Perry's birthday:

"Happy Birthday to my friend and brother Luke…You are missed so much. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. You were one of a kind. I remember meeting you as a young insecure teen girl. You were the first boy to ever make me feel worth as a human, a female , and a comedienne. As a friend and big brother. You stood up for me fiercely. Went to brawl literally for me when I was in a verbally abusive relationship and sat and talked me thru the most insecure moments of a teen angst girls life. I’ll forever be 'camel'. The name you nicknamed me bc of my long eyelashes. You had a way of making every single human feel confident, heard, and special the minute they met you. Your energy was pure selfless love. A giver in this ungiving life. Your loving nature carried thru decades. Loved getting texts and calls asking about my kids and always ending with 'Uncle Luke loves them'. As a parent you defined hands on. Always putting Jack and Sophie first. Loved showing off pics of Jack wrestling and the purses and pieces Sophie designed and crafted. Always saying T you and Soph would hit it off DIY’ing together. 2 regrets I have. We never had that Taco Tuesday family night at your house {I heard your tacos were the best} and that I couldn’t fulfill your vision and dream of our cast doing that horror film you were so passionate about making with them. Sorry both those things never happened. Today, and everyday we all miss you and hold you in our hearts. Everyone does. You made quite the impression on this lifetime Lukey.

NYT: Ruthie Tompson, legendary Disney animator who worked on the studio's films from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) through The Rescuers (1977), has died at the astounding age of 111.

Ruthie at work (Image via Disney)

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