Cindy Williams on Tour, ABBA Album Sells 180K+ in 6 Days, Melissa Gilbert on ‘Little House’ & Landon, and More

Links to the past, with relevance today:

How is this NOT hitting Milwaukee?! (Image via

ME, MYSELF & SHIRLEY: Yes, of course I want to see a one-woman show starring Cindy Williams discussing her life and career, and dishing on her encounters with Penny Marshall, Maggie Smith, Andy Kaufman, Gene Hackman and Richard Dreyfus. Sadly, it isn't coming to NYC yet, but hit the link to see where she's heading in 2022.

Will they record yet another new album? "Never say never." (Image via handout)

BBC: Despite mixed reviews, ABBA's first new album in decades, Voyage, is #1 in the UK — and outsold the entire rest of the Top 40 combined.

EW: Remembering how Harold Russell (1914-2002) made Oscar history.

The greatest band, nearing its end. (Image via Apple Corps)

NYT: Peter Jackson's three-part docuseries Get Back explores the breakup of the Beatles.

THE HILL: KISS legend Gene Simmons, 72, is pretty conservative — but not when it comes to vaccine mandates.

WOW REPORT: General Hospital actor Ingo Rademacher, 50, was fired after he posted an anti-trans meme and became an outspoken anti-vaxxer.

Bidding? Thank you — thank you very much. (Image via Julien's)

JULIEN'S LIVE: Bid on unpublished Elvis Presley images, Frank Sinatra clown art and more!

TELEGRAPH: A piece devoted to John Eaddie, who died at 49 in 1981 — and is now thought to have been the very first person to die of AIDS in Great Britain. Patient Zed.

CBS SUNDAY MORNING: Melissa Gilbert, 57, reminisces about Little House on the Prairie from her own not-so-little house in the Catskills:

NYT: The last surviving member of the pioneering band the Maddox Brothers & Rose.

Every still is over-the-top retouched. (Image via Amazon)

THR: Never a good sign when a movie's writer-director is forced to address public contempt for his casting decisions — but that's what Aaron Sorkin is doing in light of the ridiculous trailer for Being the Ricardos, which has revealed a waxy, digitally retouched Nicole Kidman looking NOTHING like the late Lucille Ball.

TWITTER: Eric Idle has thoughts on drag.

YOUTUBE: Long-lost footage of the great Maxene Andrews (1916-1995) performing in 1979 at Reno Sweeney in NYC:

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